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5 Dental Myths

Lots of people are nervous about seeing a dentist because they heard some dental myths or horror stories. Dental myths can affect an individual’s perception of the dentist and what they do, causing them to not go in for regular checkups. This can lead to serious oral health issues and long-term dental problems.

Here are some common, inaccurate dental myths that we have heard from our patients:

Myth #1 – Brushing your teeth before a dentist appointment will hide the fact that you do not brush regularly.

Apple Dental recommends to all its patients that they brush their teeth twice daily for 2 minutes and floss once per day. Generally, if regular brushing is not routine, the gums can be left swollen and there is a greater risk to develop cavities.

Myth #2 – If your gums are bleeding, you should not brush or floss your teeth.

This is the opposite of the truth. Regular brushing and flossing is the key to preventing and treating inflamed gums. If your gums are bleeding, don’t stop cleaning your teeth!

Myth #3 – The more you brush your teeth, the healthier you will be.

Over-brushing your teeth can be detrimental to your teeth in the long-term. Two minutes per brushing session is the recommended time it should take to brush your teeth effectively.

Myth #4 – Dental X-Rays are unnecessary.

It is necessary to have dental X-Rays taken periodically so that your dentist can detect tooth decay and other dental problems that could result in poor dental health. Many people worry about the radiation involved with the X-Rays, but the truth is that the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to is very small, especially with new technology.

Myth #5 – Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes can exaggerate bacterial changes in the mouth during pregnancy, making it even more important to go and see a dental professional. With a thorough and diligent cleaning regimen, you should not expect any problems during your pregnancy regarding oral health.

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