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A Healthy Diet Boosts Your Oral Health

Brushing and flossing every day is the foundation of good oral health.  But the food we eat also impacts the health of our mouth – adding to the benefits of good homecare or quickly diminishing all the hard work.  Paying attention to what we feed our bodies can help boost overall oral health.

The Right Food Can Help Clean Teeth?

SW Calgary Dentists at Apple Dental Group stress the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth by brushing and flossing more than once a day – especially after a meal – but if your toothbrush isn’t on-hand there are other ways to freshen your mouth and clean tooth surfaces – and it actually involves eating! Reach for the fruit bowl or veggie tray to cleanse your mouth – apples, carrots and celery are at the top of the list when it comes to increasing salivary flow and aiding the rinsing of tooth surfaces.  The crunchiness of these foods also helps to clean gums thanks to the amount of chewing involved. Along with crunchiness, certain vegetables are high in Vitamin A – a nutrient needed to build healthy tooth enamel.

Is Fruit Good For The Mouth?

Referred to as ‘functional food’ – particular food groups’ aid in the strengthening and/or healing of oral tissues.  Fruits rich in Vitamin C – strawberries, kiwi and oranges – add to the health of gum tissue by promoting healing from a wound and supporting bone, cartilage and tooth health.  Bleeding gums is associated with gingivitis – a condition that is usually triggered by poor oral hygiene.  But if your dentist feels you are doing a good job of removing food debris and plaque buildup, then you may want to look at your diet to explain poor gum health.

Don’t Forget The Calcium

For those of us who can tolerate dairy and enjoy a regular glass of milk and chunk of cheese; be sure to include this food group on a daily basis to help strengthen bones and teeth and help reduce oral acids.  Sugars that are present in dairy have been shown to not increase the risk of tooth decay – so include cheese in your healthy snack regime.  And for the lactose intolerant – you can still get your daily dose of calcium with green leafy vegetables that not only contain calcium, but also Vitamins A and C that boost oral health.

Limit the Sugary Drinks

Sweet, sugary drinks are known to cause rampant decay and have no nutritional benefit for the mouth of body.  Sugar increases the buildup of bacteria and acids in the mouth – causing inflammation of the gums and erosion of tooth enamel.  Try to limit sugary drinks like Super Gulps – as your smile and heart will thank you.

You can eat your way to a great smile – but don’t forget to include regular trips to your dentist for exams and cleanings.  Need more dental information? Contact Apple Dental Group today 403.640.4000