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Are You at Risk for Cavities?

If only our teeth were bullet-proof and able to withstand all the treats and traumas that come their way.  The reality is that though enamel is incredibly strong, it can succumb to an onslaught of poor diet choices and lack of oral hygiene – making dental decay and tooth loss a real risk.

Does Everyone Get Cavities?

There are people walking this earth without a single cavity.  How did they escape childhood decay and the cavities that can strike in adulthood?  Well it may be that some people are more at risk for developing dental decay than others and knowing your risk factor is important in the fight against cavities.  Some of the risks that put patients at greater risk for cavities are:

  1. Poor Oral Hygiene.  If you want optimal oral health you have to take care of your mouth.  Regular exams and dental cleanings give patients a good foundation for preventing serious dental issues.  But your dentist and hygienist can’t do it alone – they need you to brush at least twice a day and floss daily to maintain the desired level of health and prevent cavities from forming.

  2. Diet High in Sugar.  Sugar is the essential ingredient for a mouth to become cavity prone.  Bacteria that naturally live in the mouth, on tooth surfaces, feed off the sugars in our food.  So when we chose foods that are high in sugar it’s like the bacteria has won the lottery!  Special attention should be paid to how much sugar you’re drinking, as special coffees, sodas and energy drinks are loaded with sugars that get washed over teeth.

  3. Dry Mouth: Saliva is an important part of a healthy mouth as it contains proteins and minerals that help protect tooth enamel and acts as a lubricant to keep the mouth moist and breath fresh.  Certain illnesses and medications reduce the production of saliva and dry oral tissues, enabling germs to multiply and oral tissue to become inflamed.  Drinking water throughout the day and using specific toothpastes and rinses designed to deal with dry mouth can help prevent the formation of tooth decay.

The dental team at Apple Dental Group in SW Calgary want patients to be aware of the risk for dental decay.  Decay can strike anyone at any age and destroy a patient’s dental health.  But with a little care and attention decay can be prevented or stopped in its tracks – and unplanned trips to the dentist can be avoided.

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