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Bad Breath and How to Cure It

Bad breath is caused by a proliferation of certain oral bacteria that live all over the mouth and form a sticky, slimy layer referred to as biofilm. The popular idea is that bad breath is caused by all of the bacteria in the mouth. This is only partially true; some bacteria in the mouth does not play a role in the creation of bad breath. The problematic bacteria are the non-oxygen breathing types. But the real questions we want to ask is how do we cure bad breath, and how do we keep our breath fresh?

Oral Bacteria Feed on the Food We Eat

The non-oxygen breathing bacteria, or anaerobic bacteria, love to eat the remnants of food that get trapped between teeth, under gum tissue, on the tongue, and in the recesses of the mouth. Ineffective brushing and flossing creates a banquet of treats for the slimy film of bacteria literally waiting to feast on trapped food particles. Knowing that bad breath is primarily the interaction of bacteria and food particles, it only makes sense to acknowledge that the primary cause of stinky breath is poor oral hygiene. Brushing after meals and flossing once a day removes trapped food debris that, if left in place, can cause some serious breath issues.

However, there are other factors that can we can attribute to bad breath. Some of these potential causes include medications, certain illnesses such as diabetes, sinus issues, high alcohol intake, and day-to-day dehydration. Dental Infections and failed dentistry can also be causes of bad breath. For example, an old tooth crown that is not placed on a tooth properly will continue to get food debris trapped in it for bacteria to feast upon. There are many potential causes of bad breath, and the first step to curing it is to find the cause that pertains to you.

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