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Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental care is not at the top of the priorities list in the minds of expecting mothers, in fact, it may not be high up on the list at all. During such a special time in a family’s life, the last thing you want to worry about is your dental health. Luckily, expecting mothers need not worry as a few simple steps is all it takes to keeping good oral health throughout your pregnancy.

What are these simple steps? Here are a few of the things to do during your pregnancy!

  • Book a dental appointment!

It is important to keep good oral health during pregnancy and there is no better way to achieve this than going to the dentist. It is best to book this appointment before the third trimester of your pregnancy as it may be hard to lay on your back for an extended period close to the birth.

  • Include Calcium in your diet!

Calcium is a very important part of any pregnant women’s diet. Your baby needs calcium for strong bones and teeth in large amounts. If this is not supplied from the diet, calcium is taken from the bones and teeth of the mother to supplement the needs of the developing child. Make sure to get enough calcium in your diet and, if needed, take a supplement.

  • Stick to your normal oral hygiene routine!

Per the American Dental Association (ADA), pregnant women have nothing to worry about if they brush their teeth twice daily, floss regularly, and eat a balanced diet. This in conjunction with the help of a dental professional will mean good oral health for the duration of the pregnancy.

  • Choose Healthy Snacks

Dentists recommend eating healthy, non-sugary snacks during pregnancy because they can cause a greater risk of cavities. Try to avoid soft, sweet and sticky snacks that are high in carbs and sugars and opt for nutrient rich snacks to meet your dietary needs.

Pregnant mothers should not have to worry about their dental health during their pregnancy term. However, it is good to be aware of your oral health during pregnancy and to stick to your normal dental hygiene practices. Seeing a dentist is a good idea too as they can answer any questions you may have and ensure everything in your mouth is in good order.

Have any questions? Need to book a dental appointment? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Apple Dental Group today!