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Dental Crowns – Restoring and Protecting Teeth

Just because a tooth is damaged, it doesn’t mean it’s beyond repair.  Today’s materials and dental methods enable dentists to rebuild and restore even the most decayed or damaged teeth.  Placing a dental crown helps to restore a tooth to natural form and function while protecting it from being weakened by prior decay, dentistry or trauma.  A dental crown frequently provides an option for a patient to keep their natural tooth – an option that can restore a smile and a person’s confidence.

Are Dental Crowns Used For Crooked Teeth?

General Dentists at Apple Dental Group in SW Calgary explain that dental crowns aren’t just used to restore badly damaged teeth – they are also frequently used to alter the position of a misaligned or crooked tooth.  During the preparation for a crown the dentist reduces the size of the natural tooth. When reducing the tooth the dentist is able to alter the angle of alignment so that when the crown is cemented in to place it appears straight and in-line with adjacent teeth.  The ability to correct tooth alignment with crowns means that patients who are faced with just one or two crooked teeth and don’t want to wear orthodontic braces or aligners, still have an option to improve their smile.  If misaligned teeth have already had fillings and other dentistry, then crowning these teeth not only makes them appear straight, by hides all previous fillings and discolorations.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Crowns don’t just restore a smile, they also protect teeth that have become weakened and are at risk of fracturing.  They also provide a cosmetic benefit by covering up old fillings, cracks and discolorations – helping teeth appear whiter, brighter and healthier.  One of the most important benefits that dental crowns provide is the ability to restore a tooth or teeth to natural form and function – enabling a patient to bite and chew on those teeth.

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