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Dental Emergencies – When Accidents Happen

If only we could predict the nasty skating accident or loose puck that manages to find our pearly whites.  And what about an innocent bump from horsing around with your grandkids – and now your new bridge is flying across the room!  Yep – dental accidents do happen – but what do you do when it happens to you?

How To Handle a Dental Emergency

SW Calgary Dentists at Apple Dental Group on Elbow Drive know how quickly fun times can turn into an unexpected trip to the dentist.  Sometimes it’s the most unexpected event that has you rapidly dialing your Calgary Dentist in an attempt to rectify a situation.  From biting in to an apple awkwardly to an unfortunate face-plant on the ski hill – life just seems to happen and throw some curve balls – at your teeth!  So what do you do when you’re in the predicament of handling a dental emergency?  First step is to make sure you are ok – should you be going to hospital first?  Second step is to call your Calgary Dentist.

Is It a Toothache?

When we’ve delayed dental treatment or ignored mild, dull discomfort – sometimes we end up having to deal with a raging toothache in the middle of the night.  Dental pain that wakes you from a deep sleep requires attention.  If you notice your face is swollen – applying a cold compress may help and also taking an anti-inflammatory to help with any tissue inflammation.  Controlling the inflammation can ease discomfort.  A swollen face with tissue discoloration suggests infection and your best bet is to go to the hospital right away.  If you are just dealing with pain and minor swelling, call your dentist at your earliest opportunity to schedule an appointment.

Chipped or Broken Teeth?

Probably one of the most frustrating appointments for a patient is having to deal with a chipped or broken tooth.  Embarrassing if the chipped tooth is at the front of your mouth – and uncomfortable if the broken tooth has a jagged-edge that seems to toy with your tongue.  Luckily these types of emergencies are more frustrating than serious – as chips can be repaired and broken teeth restored.  Getting to the dentist sooner rather than later is always recommended so that an examination can make sure no internal tooth damage has been sustained.

Want to know more about Dental Emergencies and how to avoid them?  Check-out our next blog which talks about Dental Infections, Knocked-Out Teeth and Lost Crowns.

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