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Dental Implants – Restoring a Smile

Tooth loss can happen at all ages and for various reasons – Trauma, Decay, Periodontal Disease and elective Tooth Extraction.  Living with a missing tooth is just fine for some patients – but for those who’d prefer to replace a missing tooth or teeth, the placement of a dental implant(s) can restore a smile and confidence.

How is an Implant Placed?

General Dentists at Apple Dental Group on Elbow Drive in Calgary encourage patients to explore all options prior to deciding on treatment for a missing tooth.  From bridges, partial dentures to dental implants – there is more than one way to restore a smile.  Dental Implants have evolved greatly since they were first introduced to the general public in the 1940’s.  Though success rates were not that high with initial implant conceptions – an orthopaedic surgeon changed success rates with his osseointegration technique in the 1950’s.  From studying the response of small titanium cylinders in bone – modern dental implants were born.  Dental Implants are usually titanium screws that are placed directly in to jaw bone – over a few months bone integrates around the implant – permanently securing it in the natural bone.  Placed by Periodontists, Oral Surgeons and General Dentists who have received implant certification – this method of replacing a tooth offers a permanent and stable option that often outperforms other methods.

Do Dental Implants Work With Other Dentistry?

The beauty of dental implants is that they can be easily transitioned in to a mouth that has existing dentistry such as a partial denture or bridge.  The first implants ever placed were in patients who had no teeth and had difficulty wearing a denture.  Implants were used as an anchor for a denture to clasp on to – creating more stability and comfort.  Even if you have extensive dentistry in your mouth – dental implants can be incorporated to provide additional stability and permanency.  And if you want to replace just one tooth, a dental implant is often a great option as it doesn’t involve cutting down adjacent teeth – it simply replaces the tooth you lost.

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