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Missing Teeth? – Know Your Options for Replacement

It’s rare to see an adult who has teeth missing.  Sure – we all know a seven-year-old who’s sporting a gappy smile thanks to the Tooth Fairy.  We expect to see a young child going through the stage of losing baby teeth, to be replaced with permanent dentition that will see them hopefully through life – but an adult with missing teeth – it’s just not as cute of a look and leaves you thinking ‘I hope they’ve got options for tooth replacement’.

Tooth Replacement – Choices That Work

General Dentists at Apple Dental in SW Calgary acknowledge that patients need to be given treatment options when it comes to rebuilding a smile.  If no two smiles are the same, it’s fair to say that there isn’t one treatment plan suitable for every patient.  Replacing missing teeth isn’t as complicated as it may sound thanks to technological advancements in procedures such as dental implants that have made restoring a person’s bite more efficient and esthetically pleasing.  But what if Dental Implants aren’t the right choice for you?  

Using a Dental Bridge to Replace Teeth

A Dental Bridge is thought to be a great choice for replacing a single or multiple teeth in the same arch.  Considered a permanent solution due to it being cemented in to place – a dental bridge is capable of providing both an esthetic and functional solution to patients who are keen to keep a full smile.  This method for replacing teeth has been trusted by dentists for decades – and has evolved in recent years to be stronger and more natural-looking with the help of superior dental materials.  Called a bridge because it spans across the missing teeth and involves supporting teeth which are called abutments which the false tooth, or pontic, is cemented to and used to fill the gap where a tooth once was.  Creating a functional, healthy bite can be achieved without the time commitment needed with dental implants, as a dental bridge can be completed and cemented in just two appointments.

Why Replace Teeth?

You don’t have to replace a missing tooth – there are no rules that you have to follow.  But keep in mind that other teeth can drift as a result of their neighbour or opposing tooth being missing – causing a person’s bite to change over time.

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