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More Dental Emergencies – And What To Do When a Crown Comes Off!

The worse thing about a dental emergency is that you just never know when it’s going to strike!  It’s not as though your teeth always give you notice that something is brewing, or that your mouth is going to come in contact with a baseball bat, hockey puck, etc.  

Signs Your Tooth Isn’t Happy

We’re talking about Dental Emergencies and just like accidents and other misadventures – emergencies just don’t provide any notice.  But there are some Dental Emergencies that can be avoided – as all too frequently the tell-tale signs of something stirring are all too evident.  Calgary Family Dentists at Apple Dental Group explain that there can often be some indications that a tooth isn’t happy and liable to act-up at the most inopportune time.  If you’re being woken from a deep sleep with a raging toothache – that’s a clear sign you need to contact your Calgary Dentist as soon as possible.  And then there’s the more subtle of hints, like the dull, lingering discomfort that might become more evident when you bite into food.  If you’ve been suffering for a while – it’s time to make an appointment.

Dental Infections and Knocked-Out Teeth

The not so subtle dental urgencies like a knocked-out tooth or infection can not only leave you toothless but in a panic about what to do next.  Just like any situation with heightened urgency – the trick is to try and stay calm.  Having a tooth knocked clean out of your mouth is a big deal – as there’s usually some form of trauma associated with the loss of a tooth.  First things first – try to locate the tooth – as crazy as it sounds re-inserting an avulsed (knocked-out) tooth can be successful if done in a timely manner.  So if you can find the tooth – gently rinse under warm water, being careful not to scrub at the tooth and damage tissue – then if you’re feeling brave and there is no evidence of dirt or particles on the tooth, gently re-insert into the socket.  Now we are the first to admit that not everyone will be up for this challenge – so don’t feel bad if the thought of re-inserting a tooth leaves you queasy – just call your SW Calgary Dentist at your earliest opportunity as fast intervention can save the tooth.

A Dental Crown Has Come Off

Maybe one of the most dreaded events ever – your dental crown or bridge comes off!  It’s a good thing if it comes off in one piece as this gives you the option of squeezing some toothpaste inside the crown and gently pressing it back on.  This will give you time to contact your dentist for an appointment. Never ever think of using super glue – it’s just not worth it.  If your crown of bridge is broken you will need to contact your dentist – as teeth are exposed and prone to react negatively to the lack of protection.

Dental Emergencies can be hard to deal with but contacting your Calgary Dentist as soon as possible will provide the best opportunity for your dental health to be taken care of swiftly.

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