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Mouthwash and Toothpaste – Are they Healing or Masking Dental Health Concerns?

Fresh Breath is definitely something we all aspire to have – with or without the use of mints, rinses and pastes.  There’s no question that funky breath is a social buzz-kill that leaves all concerned embarrassed and reaching for a gulp of the latest anti-bacterial rinse.  But do all the rinses that have flooded the market really make a difference – or are they just masking a social dilemma?

SW Calgary Dentists at Apple Dental on Elbow Drive make it a priority to support patients in reaching an optimal level of dental health. And dental health doesn’t just refer to beautifully straight white teeth – but represents the health and vitality of oral tissues – teeth, gums, jaw bone, tongue and cheeks.  Straight white teeth are not a true indicator of oral health – as receding gums and bad breath can accompany even the straightest of smiles.

So does using lashings of mouthrinse and the latest minty toothpaste really conquer persistent breath issues?
Not always.  Using a mouthwash to combat the previous night’s garlicky dish can frequently improve a mouth’s odor.  But turning to a mouthwash to address ongoing breath concerns is not the answer – as constant mouth odor is commonly a symptom of gum disease – a condition that can be made worse by the masking effects of a mouthwash.

Lingering Bad breath, or Halitosis, is usually caused by smelly gases released by bacteria that coats tooth surfaces, cheeks and tongue.
When not kept in-check by effective brushing and flossing and with regular professional cleanings – levels of bacteria inflame oral tissues – causing gums to pull away from the irritating source, which leads to gum recession and pocketing around teeth.  These areas of pockets provide the perfect hide-out for food remnants and the formation of yet more plaque (bacteria) – leading to yet more inflammation and the accompanying bad breath.  Ignoring on-going breath issues doesn’t just crush you self-esteem but can result in the progression of preventable gum disease.

Dry-mouth (Xerostomia) can also be accompanied by breath concerns.
The lack of saliva flow means that the mouth isn’t being naturally cleansed and moistened – enabling bacteria to buildup – emitting an odor.  But the good news is that bad breath can be defeated – and can be knocked in its tracks by a dental cleaning that removes bacterial deposits both above and below gum level.  Swishing with a mouthwash will only help temporarily – but is unable to comprehensively address bacterial levels in the mouth.

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