Oral pathology or “oral lesions” include benign tumors and cancers growths of tooth origin and those that arise in the salivary glands, infections (both local and systemic) and manifestations of systemic, or body-wide  disorders.

Oral cancer is no longer a disease experienced by middle-aged patients with histories of smoking and alcohol consumption.  Today we see a growing number of oral cancer patients in their 20s and 30s.  A growing use of smokeless tobacco and a rise in Human Papillovirus (HPV) cases are considered responsible for this situation.  Early detection and treatment of oral lesions greatly improve the patient´s prognosis.  These lesions may be managed medically and/or surgically via the initial biopsy and complete surgical  resection when needed.

Oro-Facial Pain.

Infection, maloclussion, TMJ, tumors, or nerve pathology may cause oro-facial pain. In our office we can diagnose the full spectrum of conditions that may cause pain in the mouth or face and to provide the appropriate medical or surgical treatment.


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