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Partial Dentures – Are They Just a Partial Solution?

Our previous blog touched on the choices available to patients who need to replace one or several teeth.  With options ranging from Dental Implants to do nothing – there are a couple of other choices left to discover.  The benefits of a dental bridge have already been discussed so now it’s time to shine a light on a choice that may get overlooked – a Partial Denture.

Do Dentures Create a Beautiful Smile?

Most people who seek treatment to replace missing teeth are embarrassed to smile openly as a smile that reveals gaps isn’t considered esthetically pleasing.  Creating a new smile that not only functions optimally and provides a natural looking beautiful smile is the goal – one that can be achieved with the use of a Partial Denture.  Dentures are not a one-size fits all solution that comes with big square teeth that don’t accurately show the subtle characteristics of a person’s smile – they like all dental procedures have advanced over the years to reflect a more natural look with a fit that’s almost as comfortable as your own teeth.

Different Types of Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are a custom-made solution that is designed to replace missing teeth with a removable appliance.  Suitable for all ages – a partial denture is able to restore a patient’s bite and smile.  Made from either acrylic or cast metal (both have acrylic teeth) a partial is able to be made to fit in a mouth that already has extensive dentistry as it fits around crown work and natural teeth – providing a snug fit so that chewing food and smiling with confidence is easy.  The benefit of choosing a partial denture to replace teeth is that it is an affordable option that can be made in a relatively short time – involving just a few appointments to ensure the fit is comfortable.  Another benefit is that if in the coming years you lose more teeth, replacements can be easily added on to the existing partial.

Partial Dentures may not receive the attention they deserve as it may be felt that they are an inferior solution.  When made from accurate impressions and designed for a superior fit – a partial denture can be a choice worth considering.

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