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Planning on a Baby? Book a Dental Appointment!

Planning on a new member of the family arriving soon? Pregnancy brings about many changes in the body, some of which can affect your oral health. More importantly, your oral health can also affect the health of your growing baby, which is why it’s vital to keep a healthy mouth and see your Calgary dentist throughout your pregnancy. Having good oral health during your pregnancy has a variety of benefits and is not something that anyone should overlook.

If you have good oral health throughout your pregnancy, you can help to mitigate some risks involved with your baby’s birth. Pregnant people with poor oral health are at risk of having:

  • A baby with low birth rate
  • A preterm baby
  • Having pre-eclampsia (pregnancy hypertension)

Babies who are preterm or have low birth rate are at a higher risk of:

  • Asthma
  • Ear infections
  • Developmental Complications
  • Birth abnormalities

Fortunately for Canadians, keeping good oral health while pregnant is an easy feat to accomplish. In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that pregnant people who eat a balanced diet, brush their teeth twice a day, and floss regularly have nothing to worry about!

Here are some other questions expecting parents usually have regarding dental work:

Is it safe to have dental work done during pregnancy?

Not only is dental work safe to have during pregnancy, it’s often recommended. The best time to book an appointment is during the second trimester, or week 12 to week 26 of the pregnancy. However, you will want to avoid dental x-rays. More on that below!

What about medications used in dental work during pregnancy?

Wondering what the research says about getting dental treatments while pregnant? Currently, there are conflicting studies about the adverse effects on the developing baby from medication used in dental work. Therefore, if dental work is needed, your Calgary dentist will work with you to weigh risks and decide whether or not to use a small amount of anesthesia to make you comfortable or to wait until after you have given birth to proceed with your treatment. Even if your treatment can’t wait, we encourage you not to worry. When you are comfortable, your baby is comfortable, so having your treatment done sooner will likely reduce stress on both you and your growing child.   

What about X-Rays during pregnancy?

Routine x-rays typically taken during annual checkups will be postponed by your dentist until after the birth. In the case of a dental emergency, however, x-rays may need to be taken. Although x-rays are generally avoided during pregnancy, the American College of Radiology says that no single x-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to affect a developing fetus.

Expecting soon and have questions about your dental care and health? Contact us today at Apple Dental Group and have your questions answered!