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Smoking and Oral Health

There are many consumables that can make an otherwise healthy smile become disease prone – drinking coffee or eating a strong curry can leave a stain, eating lots of acidic food like pineapples can leave the teeth sensitive, and chewing on ice cubes can fractures or chip at the teeth. Smoking, however is the worst of them all. Not only does this daily habit take the shine from your teeth, its numerous chemicals irritate oral tissues and put you at a greater risk of developing oral diseases.

Dr. Shairoz Meghji of Apple Dental in SW Calgary is a general dentist who stresses the importance of sharing the dangers of smoking and how it negatively impacts the health of the mouthThere are many chemicals present in cigarettes, including some carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that are known to put you at greater risk for oral diseases. The heat from cigarettes also dries the mucous lining in the mouth, altering the PH balance and reducing the smoker’s resistance to bacteria.

Smokers also have a significantly higher incidence of periodontal disease which includes bone loss, reduced tooth mobility, and deeper pocketing around teeth. As smoking increases the risk of developing oral diseases and cancer, seeing your dentist regularly is crucial to diagnosing illnesses early.

Oral health as a whole is affected my smoking. It is not just your gums that are damaged while smoking, teeth are also negatively affected. Smokers teeth often reveal signs of tobacco consumption long before tissue damage to the gums is visible. Stained teeth, bad breath, and increased health risks are but a few of the results that smokers face on a daily basis.

At Apple Dental, we know quitting smoking is hard and time consuming process. However, we encourage smokers to see a dental professional regularly to give your mouth a fighting chance of staying healthy.

Dr. Shairoz Meghii is a general dentist in SW Calgary that provides a full range of general dental services.