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Taking Care of Your Man and His Dental Health

What is it about the sexes that make women hyper vigilant about regular doctor and dentist appointments and men avoid any form of medical or dental checkup at all costs? Men have no problem taking the car in for tire rotations and oil changes – so what is it about visiting the dentist that has men hiding under the hood?

Men and Dental Health

Ask most women when their next dental cleaning and exam is and they can tell you the exact date and time.  Ask a man the same question and the response is frequently less informative. From ‘can’t remember the last time I visited the dentist’ to ‘gotta make an appointment one day’ – a man’s oral health doesn’t always appear to be as high on his list of priorities.  At Apple Dental Group in SW Calgary we love men! – men of all ages and oral health levels – that’s why we’re passionate about raising awareness of the importance of dental health in men.  From increased risk of Periodontal Disease, Fresh Breath challenges, Dental Trauma and Oral Cancer – even the toughest of men can succumb to dental concerns that cause pain and lead to tooth loss and serious dental health issues.

Periodontal Disease in Men

It has been reported by the American Academy of Periodontology that men are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease than women.  Though the Canadian Academy of Periodontology does not site the same statistics – it does highlight the connection between Periodontal Disease and the increased risk of heart disease – something that can tip the scale and put men at greater risk of having a fatal heart attack.  But why are men possibly at greater risk of developing Periodontal Disease?  Well if you’re not visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams mild gum inflammation can go undiagnosed and quickly advance to include inflammation of supporting bone and ligaments.  Add to the mix men’s higher tobacco use – and you’ve created the perfect scenario for inflammation, gum and bone recession.

Dental Health Issues in Males

Gum inflammation caused by increased plaque formation and lack of dental attention can also lead to chronic bad breath – a condition that can negatively impact social and professional relationships.  Effective home care along with regular cleaning appointments with a hygienist can make all the difference between shying away from a meeting or embrace and engaging confidently in all aspects of life.  Uncontrolled plaque and oral bacteria also contributes to the formation of dental decay – something that can be both painful and costly to treat and lead to unnecessary tooth loss.

Taking care of your mouth is important for both men and women – as a healthy smile can add years to your life and increase day to day enjoyment.  

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