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Thinking of Whitening Your Teeth?

Teeth aren’t naturally pristine white – in fact teeth can range in color from darkish grey to dull yellow.  The color of our teeth is influenced by genetics, diet and lifestyle, medications, illness and the natural aging process – all of which impact tooth color and vitality of our smile.  

Is Teeth Whitening Popular?

The demand for whiter teeth drives thousands of patients to the dentist each year, in the hopes of achieving a result that gives a more youthful and healthy smile.  Reasons for whitening teeth can vary from patient to patient but some of the more common motivators are:

  1. It provides a relatively affordable option for creating a better looking smile.  Unlike some cosmetic dental procedures that can take more time and money – teeth whitening achieves a new look in a matter of days or a single appointment if you select an in-office whitening system.

  2. Teeth Whitening doesn’t just boost a smile – it boosts a patient’s self-confidence by giving them a smile they are proud to show-off.  Some patients avoid smiling and having their photo taken because of stained or mottled teeth.  But once the color of teeth has been evened-out and lightened a couple of shades – there’s just no stopping patients from smiling.

  3. Whitening Teeth can remove stains that detract from a great smile.  Coffee, red wine, soda and nicotine are just a few treats that can leave a mark on teeth.  No one wants to walk around with tell-tale signs of their vices; but with the varying strengths of whitening gels, traces of food stains and tobacco use are quickly removed, revealing a healthier, brighter smile.

  4. It’s a fast way to transform a smile before a special event.  Whether it’s a job interview, wedding, graduation, date or ‘just because’ occasion – Teeth Whitening really can be a fast, affordable and fun way to create a smile that you want to reveal.  If you’ve got family portraits planned or engagement photos coming up – giving your teeth a little attention can make all the difference to forever photos.

Family Dentists at Apple Dental Group on Elbow Drive explain that Teeth Whitening solutions are capable of getting rid of most surface stains – even ones that have been around for years.  But some teeth stains are intrinsic – meaning that it is inside the tooth and therefore won’t respond to topical solutions.  There are treatment options that will hide intrinsic staining – ask the team at Apple Dental Group about other cosmetic dental procedures.