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Three Steps to Same Day Restorations!

Teeth are our passion. They’re simply amazing. Enamel is unbelievably hard, and without teeth it would be difficult to speak, eat, or smile. These calcium gems play a crucial role in our everyday lives, and with proper care, they should be with your your entire life. But what happens if your teeth are damaged, chipped, or broken due to unforeseen events? A dental restoration (or dental filling) may be the perfect tool for repairing the smile you love. So if you have teeth in need of some TLC, here’s everything you need to know about same-day restorations.

Step #1: Creating a Digital Model.

The first stage of a same-day restoration is a quick examination of your damaged tooth or teeth by our dentist. With the help of our new CEREC machine (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), our dentist will take a digital impression of your mouth and teeth using the many cameras inside the machine. These images are then combined together to create a 3D model of your mouth on a computer, and with that, step one is already done.

Step #2: Milling the Perfect Restoration.

Using the digital, 3D model, our dental team can create a unique, physical restoration that will fit into your mouth. To do this, a ceramic the same colour as your tooth is choose and placed into a milling machine. This device cuts the ceramic to fit into your mouth flawlessly and takes only 10-20 minutes. This means that your impressions and restoration can be done in a single appointment.

Step #3: Installing Your Restoration.

Once your dental filling has been made, your dentist will carefully examine it to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your mouth and teeth. Finally, your dentist will bind the restoration into place during same appointment your impressions were taken! This procedure won’t take long, and you’ll be out of our dental clinic in no time!

At Apple Dental we value your dental health as well as your time. When you have a broken or damaged tooth, you don’t need to be nervous about coming into the clinic for treatment. Dental restorations are a great option for many Calgarians because they are individualized to you and are very time efficient to make and install. If you think that this may be the option for you, don’t hesitate to call our dental experts at Apple Dental Group on Elbow Drive today at (403) 640-4000 to discuss your teeth and options!