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Three Things You Should Know About Retainers

Anyone who has worn braces knows how special the day is when they come off. Some people wear them for years. It is important to ensure that the changes this appliance made to our teeth are permanent. To do this, orthodontists use what is called a retainer.

A retainer keeps your teeth in place after your braces come off. Without it, teeth may shift back to how they were originally, meaning all the time you spent with your braces in meaningless. Retainers are prescribed to you by your orthodontist, who will advise you on how, and how much, to wear it.

Think you may be wearing a retainer soon? Here are three things you should know about retainers!

  • There are three different types of retainers!

Orthodontists recommend different types of retainers for you based on your individual needs. Hawley Retainers are made of metal and can be taken out of your mouth with ease. Essix Retainers are made of plastic and look very much like Invisalign aligners. Permanent Retainers are metal wires glued to the back of your teeth.

  • You need to wear your retainer diligently for at least a year!

As we mentioned before, if you don’t wear your retainer after taking of your braces, it is possible for your teeth to shift back to their original positions. To counter this, retainers need to be worn, as directed by an orthodontist, for at least a year. This allows time for your ligaments to solidify in their new positions.

  • Retainers don’t hurt!

Retainers are made to fit you specifically and not to move teeth, resulting in a painless experience. However, if you stop wearing your retainer for a few days, you may notice it is a bit tighter the next time you put it on.

Retainers are a must when it comes to preserving the positive changes you have made to your teeth. These painless appliances are made specifically for you and your teeth to ensure the highest degree of comfort and security in knowing your teeth are not going to move. It is important to follow your dental professional’s instructions closely to get the best results from the retainer prescribed to you.

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