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Three Tips for Perfect Flossing

“Do you floss your teeth regularly?” is a common question asked by current day dental professionals. Flossing teeth is necessary for good dental health, and the Canadian Dental Association recommends flossing at least once per day to remove the plaque that builds up in-between your teeth. This plaque is unreachable with the common toothbrush, and if left to sit, it can cause a variety of dental problems and gum diseases.

Don’t know how to floss? Keep reading, and you will gain an insight into the world of perfect flossing! Here are our top 3 tips to better flossing!

Pull Lots of Floss out of the Dispenser . . . But Not Too Much!

If flossing seems like a lot of hard work, you may not be taking out enough floss from the dispenser. Flossing requires you to be precise and without appropriate amounts of control, this can be be difficult. 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) of floss is the amount dental professionals recommend people use during each flossing session.

Use Clean Sections of Floss for Different Teeth!

While flossing, it’s important to only use fresh, clean sections of the floss for each set of teeth. The reason for this is fairly self-explanatory; cleaning with a dirty tool does not do much cleaning at all. Using different sections of floss or even cleaning the floss between every few sets of teeth will maximize your time flossing and lead to some healthy-looking gums!

Get the Right Kind of Floss for You!

Most Calgarians by one of two types of floss: Nylon or PTFE floss. Nylon floss is composed of many strands of nylon and can come in different flavours! They do however tear, fray, and shred if the contact points between teeth are tight.  Single filament PTFE floss is more expensive, but it can slide fluidly between teeth. Both types of floss can get the job done, it’s up to your personal preference on what one you want to use!

Flossing is an important part of everybody’s dental hygiene plan. Without it, plaque can build up in-between your teeth and cause you discomfort, resulting in a trip to the local dental office. This is easily preventable however, and if done correctly, it can leave you with some healthy looking gums to go along with your great smile. Have any questions about flossing or what floss you should use? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Apple Dental Group today and have your questions answered!