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Top 3 Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Visits

When you go to the dentist, especially on your first visit, many questions tend to pop up. Probably the most commonly asked question is how often you should see the dentist. The general answer is every six months, but this isn’t always the case. Some people need more dental cleaning than others. Our dental professionals recommend to their patients how often they should come in for a general cleaning.

Here are some other commonly asked questions that we are asked at Apple Dental:

What will your dentist ask you when you go for your appointment?

Common questions you should expect to be asked, especially if it is your first time at the clinic, is when you last saw a dentist and what is your daily cleaning routine like, among a few other general questions. Your dentist will also want to know if you have any worries about coming to the dentist so that they can make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Should I schedule my dentist appointment, or just walk in?

This often depends on your dentist. Some dentists welcome walk ins while others are strict about people setting appointments before coming into the dental office. You can call in advance to ask whether or not you need to schedule an appointment before having your teeth looked at.

Can I just walk into a dentist’s office when I have a dental emergency?

During a dental emergency, a number of dental professionals accept walk in patients. However, we advise that you call the clinic you are going to on your way there so that they can accommodate you into their schedule. This also gives the dentist time to prep for your visit. Furthermore, this will give you time to locate another dentist if the dentist you wanted to see is not in the office.

These are just a few questions people ask when they need more information about dental visits and what they need to expect. Are you in need of a dental checkup today? Have any questions about Apple Dental’s services? Call us today at 403-778-7255!