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What is Fluoride?

What is in toothpaste that is good for your teeth? How do you know if you have bought a toothpaste that will work and help to keep your teeth healthy? Fluoride is a mineral that has a positive effect on oral health by making teeth more resistant to decay. We obtain it from many sources such as our water supply, toothpaste, and other products.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding fluoride:

What is Fluoride used for?

To put it simply, fluoride is used to prevent cavities. It is used in a process called remineralization in which minerals are deposited into the tooth enamel to help strengthen it. Fluoride is essential in keeping and maintaining your dental health!

Where is Fluoride Found?

Fluoride can be found in multiple different things we use in our day to day life. Our drinking water here in Calgary, for example, contains fluoride. Cleaning products such as toothpaste often have fluoride also. Fluoride can also be found in other forms such as a gel or tablet.

Is Fluoride in all toothpastes?

No. Fluoride is not in all toothpaste, especially when it comes to kids toothpaste. The Canadian Dental Association recommends children start using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste regularly before the age of 2. Be sure to check your child’s toothpaste to ensure it contains fluoride.  

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Safe for Infants?

Fluoride is safe and necessary to keep teeth strong but only in the right amounts. Children tend to swallow toothpaste in excessive amounts if not supervised, which can lead to fluorosis (discoloration of the teeth). A parent’s best option is to use fluoride toothpaste for their children but ensure that they supervise it’s use.

Is Fluoride Good or Bad for You?

Fluoride is necessary to have healthy teeth. In the right amounts, it is effective at preventing tooth decay and maintaining good dental hygiene. There is currently no scientific evidence to suggest fluoride causes cancer, kidney disease, or other disorders.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends Calgarians use fluoride in their day to day routines. Although fluoride can cause problems if consumed in excessive quantities, it’s positive effects on dental health should not be overlooked. If you have any questions about fluoride or need advice on which dental products to use, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Apple Dental Group Today!