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Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Has your dentist in Calgary just told you that you need a filling?  Has it got you wondering why you have dental decay?

Do Adults Get Dental Decay?

It’s not just little kids who develop dental decay – even grown adults can develop a cavity that requires treatment with a filling.  Whether you’re young or old the reason dental cavities form is due to a weakening or softening of the dental enamel due to a buildup of plaque that contains bacteria that causes an acidic response when the bacteria feed off sugars (simple carbohydrates) in the mouth.  A diet high in concentrated sugars and refined carbohydrates definitely increases a patient’s risk of developing decay – and a high sugar diet, coupled with a reluctance to brush and floss daily, creates the perfect environment for cavities to form.

Are Some People More at Risk For Dental Decay?

As mentioned above – patients who love to indulge in sugary treats while skipping the daily ritual of brushing and flossing run a much higher risk of developing tooth decay.  But they are not the only group of patients who may have to visit the dentist more frequently for fillings.  Patients who smoke and drink regularly are also at greater risk – this is due to the drying effects of tobacco and alcohol.  A lack of saliva means that teeth are not being naturally rinsed throughout the day – so tooth surfaces tend to have a greater buildup of plaque which starts the cycle of weakening the enamel and enabling a cavity to form.  But patients who take certain medications that dry the mouth can also experience an increase in cavities and go from being cavity free to requiring multiple appointments.

Why Place a Dental Filling?

The purpose of a dental filling is to remove the decaying tissue and repair the area so that the tooth will look natural and function optimally.  Fillings are frequently used to repair teeth that do not have extensive damage and where the dentist feels that the filling material will provide the tooth adequate strength.  All teeth can be filled – front and back – and all surfaces. Even front teeth that have become decayed can be restored with a filling that matches a person’s natural tooth color.

Dental Decay has to be removed as soon as possible so that the decay doesn’t spread and the tooth can be restored with minimal treatment.  If you are experiencing tooth discomfort, or know that you are in need of dental work – contact Apple Dental Group today – 403.640.4000