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Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss?

Are your gums bleeding when you brush and floss?  Wondering why this is happening?  SW Calgary Family Dentists at Apple Dental Group on Elbow Drive are all about giving patients the straight talk when it comes to gum disease, bleeding gums and other conditions that can rob a person of a healthy smile.  The good news is bleeding gums can be treated – but not before you commit to brushing several times a day and flossing at least once in a twenty-four hour period.

Why Floss Regularly?
The purpose of flossing is to clean in-between teeth and around the neck of the tooth – removing food debris and plaque that commonly becomes lodged in these areas.  When food debris and plaque is left to build-up it becomes a source of irritation and inflammation to gums.  You see plaque contains bacteria that feed off starchy food remnants – producing more bacteria and acid.  Acid is the source of dental decay and bacteria is the source of gum irritation.  Gums that are irritated present as swollen and puffy, and bleed easily when poked or prodded.  Inflamed gums are quick to bleed and act as a reminder to take better care of our teeth and gums.

Can Bleeding Gums Be Prevented?
We all have easy access to the very tools that prevent bleeding gums, gum disease and the more advanced periodontal disease – a toothbrush and floss!  It’s the daily maintenance of our mouths that has the most impact over our long-term dental health.  Brushing at least twice a day not only keeps breath smelling fresh but cleans tooth surfaces of soft bacterial deposits (plaque).  And as we explained earlier; flossing once in a twenty-four hour period removes plaque and debris that is trapped in-between teeth and below the gumline.  Keeping hard to brush areas clean with floss reduces the risk for gum inflammation – as it’s invariably these areas that gather the most bacteria that induces irritation and inflammation.

Should You See Your Dentist?
Checking-in with your dentist for a professional cleaning is always highly recommended for preventing and maintaining gum health.  Not only is your dental team equipped with tools that clean tooth and root surfaces and irrigate gum pockets – they are also trained to recognize and explain other possible reasons for your bleeding gums.  Suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes can change oral tissue health – so having regular exams and cleanings provides an opportunity to rule out more serious concerns.

Bleeding gums can be treated quickly and easily – before they progress to more damaging stages of gum disease.  Contact Apple Dental Group today to schedule an exam and cleaning and discover other dental services available to you – 403.640.4000

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