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CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a form of dental restoration using computer-aided design and manufacturing. The advantage of using a CEREC is the dentist can construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations directly in a single visit versus multiple appointments; you will only receive a numbing anesthetic once. Furthermore; the process produces: a plaque resistant, anti-abrasive material that matches the appearance of a tooth. This means no more dis-coloration, leaks, or cracks in the fillings.

The Procedure

1. The dentist examines the tooth and determines if it needs a filling or a full crown.

2. The patient is administered an anesthetic and prepped for the restoration process by removing any weakened tooth tissue.

3. The dentist takes an optical impression of the tooth by first coating a non-toxic powder and then taking a digital picture using a special camera called OMINICAM.

4. Using the 3d generated image of the tooth, the dentist then designs the restoration using the CEREC software.

5. The restoration data is sent to a milling machine which produces a ceramic block matching your tooth shade.

6. Within approximately 10-20 minutes your tooth restoration is complete and ready to be bond in place.

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