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Receiving oral cancer screenings is crucial to detecting and preventing oral cancer. Receiving VELscope screenings in SW Calgary can effectively detect cancer before it has a chance to spread. 

velscope screening in sw calgary

What is a VELscope Screening?

The VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System is a non-invasive and painless process used to screen for oral cancer indications. VELscope screenings detect the presence of abnormal tissue or signs of oral cancer before additional symptoms develop. There are no side effects or dyes or rinses that are used during the process. A handheld device is used by your dentist, which will shine a blue light into your mouth to highlight abnormalities. 

Abnormal tissue in the mouth will appear very dark under blue light instead of healthy tissue, which will show up as bright green. A VELscope screening is an effective method of showing abnormal tissue since an ordinary fluorescent light would not distinguish between abnormal and healthy tissue. 

VELscope screening in SW Calgary can be accomplished in two minutes and can also detect fungal infections and bacterial growth. Suppose infections and excessive bacterial growth are identified during a VELscope screening in SW Calgary. In that case, your dentist will recommend ways to treat the infection and prevent it from spreading or reoccurring.


Essential Points About VELscope Screening in SW Calgary

  • A VELscope screening is part of a regular dental checkup at our SW Calgary dental clinic
  • VELscope screening is painless and non-invasive 
  • Oral cancer is most common in people over the age of 40 and is associated with smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet radiation sources.

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