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Once the decay is removed from the cavity, your dentist will fill the empty area. A dental filling is also used to repair cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth. If you are interested in learning more about dental fillings in SW Calgary, contact our office today and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. 

Receiving Dental Fillings in SW Calgary

Our dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area that surrounds the affected tooth. Your dentist will eliminate the decayed portion of the tooth using a drill, air abrasion instrument, or laser. The tool your dentist decides to use will depend on the location and extent of the tooth decay. 

To determine if the decay has been fully removed, the dentist will proof the affected area and then clean the cavity to prepare for the filling. The filling is applied in layers, and a light is used to cure the layers. Once all the layers have hardened and cured, your dentist will shape, polish, and trim the composite material to create a natural look. 

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Different Types of Dental Fillings Near You

The following are different materials used for dental fillings:

  • Gold 
  • Silver amalgam
  • Porcelain
  • Tooth-colored composites 

Your dentist will recommend the type of dental filling that best suits your needs. The location and extent of decay is also a determining factor. 

Other Types of Fillings

  • Ceramic: This type of filling is made of porcelain and is very long-lasting. It is more resistant to stains but is also more abrasive compared to composite resin material.
  • Glass ionomer: This type of filling is made from acrylic and unique glass material. Glass ionomer fillings are most commonly used with dental fillings for children or fillings below the gum line. 

What is a Temporary Filling?

Your dentist may recommend a temporary filling when:

  • Dental fillings cannot be completed in a single appointment; this includes indirect fillings and gold fillings. 
  • You receive root canal therapy
  • The tooth’s pulp is irritated 
  • You are undergoing emergency dental treatment

If you are interested in receiving a dental filling near you, contact our dental clinic today.


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