Intraoral Cameras Near You

An intraoral camera can allow our patients to view each tooth and understand their diagnoses better.

A small pen-sized wand is inserted in the mouth. The intraoral camera is used to enable every aspect of the teeth to be viewed in colour. An intraoral camera is a valuable tool in dentistry and allows both the dentist and patient to understand their teeth and mouth better.

Benefits of an Intraoral Camera in SW Calgary

When your dentist uses an intraoral camera, you can expect it to be a comfortable process that provides an honest assessment of the teeth. Here are some benefits of the intraoral camera:

intraoral cameras in sw calgary

1. Dental Education:

 At Apple Dental, we strive to deliver optimum preventative care. An intraoral camera is an excellent tool in exposing areas where a patient’s oral hygiene may be deficient. If your dentist sees any problems using the intraoral camera, they can develop a treatment plan before the issue worsens. 

2. Exposing hidden problems:

Gum disease and oral cancer are two oral health issues that have easy-to-miss symptoms in their early stages. The intraoral camera can highlight these issues to both a dentist and the patient.

3. Eliminating uncertainty

Some patients who cannot see or feel an oral issue tend to avoid recommended dental treatments. The intraoral camera highlights abnormalities and affected areas in the mouth so that the dentist can show the individual the problem and are less likely to refuse necessary treatment. 


4. Assessing progress:

The intraoral camera can help show progress during treatment and allow the dentist to make adjustments if needed.

How is the Intraoral Camera Used?

An intraoral camera is the shape and size of a standard pen. A disposable sheath covers the intraoral camera prevents the spread of germs. The wand is inserted in the mouth and rotated so that clear pictures of each tooth can be recorded. The images are transmitted onto a television screen so that both patient and dentist can view them. Another advantage of intraoral cameras is that they do not expose patients to radiation. The intraoral camera is a useful diagnostic tool that makes it easier for patients and dentists to view the teeth and gums. Our dental clinic uses intraoral cameras in SW Calgary.

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