Root Canal Therapy in SW Calgary

If you’re dealing with an excruciating toothache or sensitivity, a root canal procedure may be recommended by your dentist. Even though obtaining this treatment might seem intimidating, it is a routine and safe procedure that can save your damaged tooth and preserve your smile for years to come.

What is a Root Canal?

The damaged or infected pulp of teeth is extracted during this procedure. The pulp is a soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels. Infections, pulp damage, and decay can all cause excruciating pain. The pulp is removed and the inside of the teeth is sanitized in order to prevent the infection from spreading.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

There are several reasons why a dentist might recommend root canal treatment near you. The most common include:

  • Deep decay.
  • Oral trauma.
  • Fragmented teeth
  • Previously unsuccessful dental procedures.
  • Gum disease.

The need for a root canal may be determined by signs such as excruciating tooth pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, soreness or swelling around the affected tooth, and discoloration or dark spots on the tooth.

How Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Teeth

Your teeth can be protected from further damage with this procedure, avoiding the need for extraction. Here is how this procedure can prevent further harm to your smile:

  1. Removes the infected or damaged pulp

    The pulp is the soft layer of the interior of the tooth that contains the blood vessels and nerves. Infected or damaged pulp can result in excruciating pain and suffering. By removing the infected or damaged pulp, a root canal relieves discomfort and prevents additional damage from occurring.

  2. Cleans and sterilizes the inside of the tooth

    Following the removal of the pulp, the interior of the teeth is cleansed and disinfected in order to get rid of any residual bacteria to prevent infection.

  3. Fills the space with a special material

    The space is filled with a particular substance after the inside of the tooth has been cleaned and sterilized in order to avoid the spread of infection and restore the tooth’s shape and function.

  4. A dental crown is placed over the tooth

    The tooth may be weaker after a root canal and need more support. The tooth that has been fixed might be covered with a dental crown to prevent additional damage and enhance its appearance.

This procedure can preserve a broken or infected tooth and avoid the need for extraction. Additionally, it eases discomfort and restores the tooth’s functionality, making it possible for you to confidently eat, speak, and smile. To learn more, reach out to our dentist near you.

Is a Root Canal Safe?

Yes! Modern methods and anesthesia allow patients to have a root canal with minimum discomfort. Our dentist in SW Calgary will provide aftercare tips, including advice on how to take care of the tooth and any recommended follow-up appointments.


Your tooth can be protected from additional damage and avoid extraction with a root canal. The following are just some of the many benefits that receiving a root canal provides recipients:

  • Pain relief.
  • Stops infection.
  • Enhances facial aesthetics.
  • Restores your ability to bite and chew.
  • Prevents tooth loss and jawbone deterioration.
  • The procedure is painless; you’ll be provided numbing medication to stay comfortable.

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