Emergency Dentistry in SW Calgary

When it comes to dental care, emergencies can happen at any time. Whether it’s a sudden toothache or a chipped tooth, it’s important to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible by contacting a dentist near you.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with urgent dental problems that require immediate attention. These dental emergencies can occur suddenly and often result in severe pain, swelling, or bleeding. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including accidents, injuries, infections, or sudden onset of dental conditions.

Emergency dentists are specially trained to diagnose and treat these urgent dental problems. They often have extended hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate patients who need immediate care. Emergency dentists in SW Calgary are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to provide prompt and effective treatment to relieve pain and address underlying dental issues.

Some common emergencies that require immediate attention include:

  • Severe toothache or pain.
  • Knocked out or a loose tooth.
  • Broken or chipped tooth.
  • Abscess or infection.
  • Swelling or bleeding in the gums or mouth.
  • Lost dental filling or crown.
  • Broken or damaged braces or wires.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is important to seek immediate dental care from a qualified emergency dentist by visiting our emergency dentistry in SW Calgary to prevent further complications and ensure the best possible outcome.

5 Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Relief from pain: Emergency dental care can provide immediate relief from severe dental pain. Whether you have a toothache, a broken tooth, or a swollen jaw, emergency dental services can quickly diagnose the problem and provide the necessary treatment to alleviate your pain.

Prevent further damage: Dental emergencies can quickly escalate if left untreated, leading to more severe and costly treatments in the future. With emergency dental care, you can address the issue before it becomes worse, preventing further damage to your teeth and gums.

Save time: Emergency dental care services are available outside of regular business hours, which means you won’t have to wait until your regular dentist is available. This can save you time, particularly if you have a busy schedule.

Preserve your teeth: Emergency dental care can help you save your teeth. In the case of a knocked-out tooth, for example, quick action can help re-implant the tooth, increasing the chances of saving it.

Peace of mind: Dental emergencies can be stressful and can impact your overall well-being. By seeking emergency dental care, you can get the treatment you need to address the issue and get peace of mind knowing that your dental health is in good hands.


  1. I have a chipped or broken tooth. What should I do?
    Even if you are not currently in discomfort, it is crucial that you visit an emergency dentist immediately. At this time, the inner and delicate portions of the tooth may be exposed to the various kinds of bacteria present in the mouth. Additionally, if the molar is not protected, new decay may develop, necessitating an urgent evaluation by your emergency dentist to determine the severity of the situation.
  1. What really is considered a dental emergency?
    Sudden swelling, pain, and excruciating soreness are the hallmarks of a dental emergency. Generally speaking, it’s critical to realize oral health issues don’t always get better on their own and don’t just disappear overnight. Additionally, you might require emergency care if you have gingival swelling, knots, or bulges.
  1. If I have a toothache; what are my options for relief?
    Aspirin can help with the pain, but you should be cautious not to apply it directly to the gum where the pain is coming from. Call your emergency dentist if the discomfort doesn’t go away after a few days; you might need an extraction.
    You might also think about applying clove oil and garlic to the afflicted teeth as natural treatments. You must still contact your dentist because this can only offer transient relief.
  1. My child’s baby tooth is knocked out; what should I do?
    In order to get the assistance you need in this kind of situation, you must call an emergency dentist as soon as you can. Since there is a chance of damage occurring as the baby teeth develop, you shouldn’t attempt to replant them.

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